dubsuite video editor

How do I use the App?

These Show Me’s will help you on your way to make some great dubs.

  1. The first gives you an overview of the dubsuite, including how to add music, video and pick your perfect story elements: How to add music, video and pick your perfect story elements.
  2. The second gives you information on choosing your starting point, mixing scenes into your dub, deleting scenes you no longer want and creating your dub story: Choosing your starting point, mixing scenes and deleting scenes in your video.
  3. The third shows you how to save, publish and share your dub on social media: How to save, publish and share your video on social media.
How to create a profile?

Creating a profile is critical otherwise you will not be able to share your dubs.

To create your dubprofile, click on the dubprofile icon along the bottom of the app. Under the blank profile image click ‘sign in’ and then near the bottom of the screen, where it says not yet a member – click ‘sign up’. You will just need to enter a username, email address and password and you are good to go. Be careful when entering the email address because you won’t be able to change this later.

Of course, you may prefer to just sign-in with Facebook Connect. Either way, we’re glad to have you join us.

How to Share to Social Media?

What’s great about dubsuite is that you can share your dub to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube in-app. To do this, go to your dubprofile (“Person” shaped icon along the bottom of the app) and then find the dub you want to share. Click the three horizontal dots to the right of the dub  and select “share” from the dropdown menu.  A new page will pop up.

Here you can choose to:

  • Post to Facebook
  • Share to Twitter
  • Open in Instagram
  • View on YouTube
  • Copy “Embed Code”  to share it out to any other platform
I cannot share / export my dub?

If you are seeing the “Whoops, can’t publish your dub” message when trying to share your dub, there is a small bug that makes this happen on certain devices. Sometimes it is a problem with the last scene (Last part of mixed video) off your dub. Try clicking the X button to delete the last segment, putting it back in and then publishing again. Sometimes, if there is an issue with reinserting the final video segment to your dub, just deleting and reinserting might not work. Sorry about this. If you still have a track available try re-importing your footage into this new track, deleting your final segment and using the footage from the new track in the final segment.

Why can I not import video from my Camera Roll?

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with finding your videos in the app. This sometimes happens if you have video footage saved to your iCloud but not physically on your device. dubsuite can only import footage directly from your iPhone. You must export the video from iCloud to your device. Make sure in your Phone’s iCloud Photo settings that “Download and Keep Originals” option is selected.

This will help: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT204264

How can I shoot / change my video to Slow-mo. / Time-lapse / Reverse?

Currently if you shoot in-app there is no way to slow down, speed up or reverse your footage. While shooting in your default Apple camera app you can swipe left for the Time-lapse or Slow-mo. settings and then import this footage into dubsuite. There is also a free app available in the app store called Slow Fast Slow where you can speed up, slow down and reverse your footage. Check it out: Download Slow Fast Slow App for Apple App Store.

With this you can save the slow-mo / timelapsed / reversed footage and import this into dubsuite to make some great dubs.

How to Save Video / How to publish your dub?

Once you are finished making your dub, to publish it simply click the done button in the top right corner. You will be brought to the publishing screen. Here you can choose your thumbnail. These might take a few seconds to appear. Then you can add a title to your dub and add a description. You can also select to make your dub private, by toggling on the ‘Privacy’ option. The “save to Photos” button should already be pre-selected. We always recommend publishing your dub in HD! Now just wait for the “Publish My Dub” button to go green and click it.

Check this video out.

How do I add Music to my dub?

If you want to include some music with your dub, click on the large (+) icon and add music from your own device or choose some music from dubsound. Check out this tutorial which will show you how to add music, as well as the basics of selecting your story elements:

Watch this dubdub Tutorial video.

If you wish to change the starting point of your music track, simply place your finger in the middle of the music track and move it to the left until you find your starting point.

How to create an Image Montage / Add Images?

To add images into your dub, simply click the (+) button and the Media to Import menu will pop up. Select image and choose your desired image or images from your camera roll. If you want the image to play onscreen by itself, simply hold the coloured button to the left of the image track for however long you want it to play or mix into the dub.

If you want to make a montage just press the + button to the right of your image and insert the other images you want in your montage. Then slide the track using your finger and click the next image you want to appear. Hold your finger down on the coloured button and Voila! Repeat this for each additional image you want in your montage.

How to add Text?

When you are in the dubsuite press the (+) button and when the “Select Media to Import” menu pops up select text.

The text will import on a new track. Here you will be able to change the Color by clicking on the current color, Change the Font by clicking on the current font and then Edit the Text by clicking on Edit Text. You will also be able to Move, Rotate and Zoom in on the text in the preview window. Once you are done adjusting the text simply double click the Text track to close the advanced menu.

Why are my dubs only 90s?

90 seconds is the perfect amount of time to share your awesome stories.

Why do I get an End of Sync Track Message?

This means you have reached the end of one of your tracks which is also linked up with another track. Try turning off the Audio activation button or Sync-Track button and you can continue creating your masterpiece.

Can I download a dub?

Currently in app there is no direct way to download your dub after it has been published. But don’t worry there are some quick and easy workarounds.

  1. If you have Instagram installed on your device, and your dub is shorter then 60 seconds, you can use the Open in Instagram option in the share menu. Click into your dubprofile (located along the bottom of the app) and find the dub you want to download. Click the three horizontal dots to the right of the dub and select Open in Instagram. The dub will download to your Camera Roll.
  2. If the dub is longer then 60 seconds, don’t worry. You can republish the dub privately and save it to your camera roll. Just go into your drafts and find the dub you want to republish. Make sure the save to Photos option is active (It should be on by default).

If you have deleted the draft, we must pull it from the server for you.

How to delete a dub

If you want to delete your dub it is super easy. Find the dub under your dubprofile (click the “Person” shaped icon in bottom right corner). When you have found the dub, you want to delete, click the Three dots to the right, then tap the delete button at the bottom of the pop-up menu.

Why does the app crash when I’m opening a draft or trying to Publish a Dub?

Sorry to hear you are having a problem with your current draft in the app. Unfortunately, this sounds like it might be a corrupt draft. It would be worth trying to make a new draft, re-import the footage and see if you are having the same trouble with that. If that draft works fine, then it is a problem with the original draft.

Why is there a Logo at the end of my video?

dubsuite videos are made to be shared socially and we want all your friends to know how you created your awesome dub.

How do I edit the dub description / title after publishing?

Currently there is no way in-app of changing a description or title once a dub has been published. But don’t worry, our Customer Success team is here to help. Go into the settings menu and click Live Chat where one of our champions will help you.

How do I crop an Image?

With dubsuite there is no way to crop an image once it has been imported. Don’t forget you can still pinch to zoom as well as rotate or move your image. Just double click the image track to open the advanced image menu, and you will be able zoom, move or rotate your image in the preview screen.

Can I insert scenes into the middle of an edited dub?

The best way to change the scene order in your dub is to delete the last scene in your timeline. You can do this by clicking the X button in the red box on the right of your top toolbar, below the preview screen. This will delete the last scene in your dub and your video tracks (including the music track) will revert to where they were before the video / music had been added.

How to change a forgotten password?

Don’t worry. It is easy to change your password. Click into dubprofile and sign in. Under where you can enter your username or password, select forgot your password?