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Introducing a dubdub non-profit initiative.

With dubgive™, you can take your compelling stories, and add a simple, faster way for viewers to donate within the video itself.

Using dubdub technology can significantly increase the number of donations you collect online. Based on user data, we believe we can increase your fundraising conversion rates by 250%.

dubgive will be free for all non-profit and charitable organisations.

See what dubcandy (BETA) is doing for for-profit businesses. Now dubgive will create a similar experience for non-profit organisations.

Our ambassadors and advisors: Fred Dionne, dubdub | Deanna Drendel, AFP Québec | Jason Miller, Centric | Michelle Niceforo, Fondation du CHUM | Paul Lavoie, Voilà Foundation | Julien Saulgrain, blue HF | Hugo-Pierre Gagnon, Osler | Louis Moubarak, Public Relations Without Borders | Laurence Proulx-Therrien, Pour 3 Points | Vincent Hoss-Desmarais, dubdub

Join our sponsors & be part of this great initiative.

You will have all the visibility you need as a founding partner and sponsor of this non-profit initiative.

For more information, please contact

Fred Dionne
Founder, CPO & CLO

fdionne@dubdub.com | 1-514-995-5334