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The power of the influencer.

You totally understand it.

You understand the power of your perspective and your opinion. And with dubcandy, we’re now letting you turn that influence into direct sales of the products you know and love. What’s more, you don’t need to wait for brands to approach you directly to start earning. If you’re already shooting product reviews, then its as simple as using dubcandy to turn those videos into shoppable ones.

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Tell me more

dubcandy lets you tag 5 products in any video and then share it directly into social. When you share, your followers can buy directly from your engaging videos.

When they buy, you earn revenue. It’s that simple.

dubcandy is integrated into Amazon, the world’s largest and most trusted online retailer, and we plan to add more stores in the very near future. With Amazon you have the confidence that almost any product or brand you want to feature is there. And your followers are likely to have an Amazon account so buying for them is simple and seamless.

And the revenue part?

dubdub pays you commission using a process called affiliate revenue. In simple terms Amazon pays us whenever one of your followers buys from your video. And if they buy additional items while they’re there, you earn commission on those products too. That’s pretty delicious.

How do I get started?

dubdub has taken care of all the paperwork and hassle, all you need to do is download our application and you’re able to start earning revenue almost immediately. We’re always amazed at the creativity of our dubbers. See how others are turning their great videos into ones that earn them revenue directly. Here are a few recent dubcandy dubs that caught our eye.


Here’s what others are doing.

We’d love to see what you do with dubcandy. Use #dubcandy when you share into social and maybe you get featured too.

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