dubdub dubdub

Jerry Maguire said it best.
“Help me help you.”

So, we’re here to help.

At dubdub we want nothing to get between you and creating awesome dubs you can share across your social networks. Here’s all you need to know.

When are you open?


What numbers can I call?

  • From the USA:
    +1-855- 693-8271
  • From Canada:
    +1 647-493- 3382
  • From the United Kingdom:
    +44 808 164 9382
  • From Poland:
    +48 12 881 23 82
  • From Australia:
    +61 2 8294 9382

And if I want to email you?

Well, we always prefer chatting but we understand that sometimes email’s better.
Ping us at help@dubdub.com

We’ll try not to take it personally.

Can I learn to make awesome dubs?

You sure can. We always recommend spending some time with our Tutorials.

You can find those on our website here: dubdub.com/tutorials

Or, if you’re in our App, go to dubsuite and then push on the “?” icon

What if you’re not there when I call?

Between sleeping and the occasional washroom breaks, we should be here.

If not, leave us a message or send us an email help@dubdub.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Jerry Maguire also said “You complete me.”

We think he was angling for a job at our support center.

Seriously, we got your back. Call us.