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dubloft Toronto is open


dubloft is where you get to learn, play and experiment under the expert eye of our trained product evangelists. Book a session with us and we’ll show you exactly how powerful our dubsuite and dubcandy applications really are.

You’ll leave more confident in your ability to not only create great video content, but also how to build video content that sells directly.

We’re already open in Toronto and opening soon in New York City.

Use our space. Make better dubs.

Our studio is here and ready for you to make awesome social videos. One of our product evangelists will work with you. They’ll show the app, give you some directing, lighting and shooting tips. You can even bring your own props. This space is set up for you to learn and get better. And it’s free as long as you are shooting with dubsuite of course.

Book your dubloft spot now.

Welcome to dubloft Toronto.

We’re here ready to help you shoot better social video using dubsuite.

Coming soon.

dubU and dubloft are coming to NYC.

Some of our dubloft guests.

Use #dubloft when you share into social and maybe you’ll get featured here.